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Gangster 39;s Paradise Jerusalema 123movies Download

Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema - A South African Crime Saga

If you are looking for a thrilling and gritty crime film that explores the dark side of post-apartheid South Africa, you might want to check out Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema. This 2008 movie, written and directed by Ralph Ziman, tells the story of Lucky Kunene, a young man who rises from a petty thief in Soweto to a powerful crime lord in Johannesburg. Along the way, he faces challenges from corrupt cops, ruthless drug dealers, and his own conscience. In this article, we will give you an overview of the movie, its plot, its characters, its themes, and its reception. We will also share some facts and trivia about the movie, as well as some memorable quotes. Finally, we will tell you how you can watch the movie online or offline.


What is the movie about?

Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema is a South African crime film that was released in 2008. It is loosely based on actual events that took place in the Hillbrow section of Johannesburg in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The movie follows the life of Lucky Kunene, a young man who dreams of escaping poverty and becoming a successful businessman. However, he soon realizes that the only way to achieve his goals is to enter the world of crime. He starts by stealing cars and hijacking buildings, then moves on to bigger schemes involving drugs and money laundering. He becomes known as "The Hoodlum of Hillbrow", a Robin Hood figure who provides cheap housing for his tenants while defying the law and his enemies. However, his rise to power comes at a price, as he loses his friends, his love, and his morals along the way.

gangster 39;s paradise jerusalema 123movies download

Who are the main characters and actors?

The movie features a talented cast of South African actors who bring their characters to life. Here are some of the main characters and actors in Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema:

  • Lucky Kunene (played by Rapulana Seiphemo): The protagonist of the movie, Lucky is a smart and ambitious young man who becomes a notorious crime boss in Johannesburg. He is charismatic, ruthless, and cunning, but also has a soft spot for his family and his community.

  • Zakes Mbolelo (played by Ronnie Nyakale): Lucky's best friend and partner in crime, Zakes is loyal, brave, and humorous. He supports Lucky's ventures and helps him fight his enemies.

  • Nazareth (played by Jeffrey Zekele): A former guerrilla fighter who becomes Lucky's mentor in crime, Nazareth is experienced, violent, and unpredictable. He teaches Lucky how to steal cars and rob banks.

  • Leah Friedlander (played by Shelley Meskin): A white South African woman who becomes Lucky's girlfriend, Leah is kind, compassionate, and adventurous. She works as a journalist and helps Lucky rescue her brother from drug dealers.

  • Tony Ngu (played by Malusi Skenjana): A Nigerian drug lord who operates in Hillbrow, Tony is Lucky's main rival and nemesis. He is greedy, ruthless, and powerful. He tries to kill Lucky and take over his buildings.

  • Joshua Weber (played by Robert Hobbs): A corrupt police officer who works for Tony, Joshua is dishonest, cruel, and racist. He harasses and extorts Lucky and his tenants.

What are the main themes and messages?

Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema explores various themes and messages that relate to the social and political situation of South Africa after the end of apartheid. Some of the main themes and messages are:

  • The struggle for survival and success in a harsh and unequal society.

  • The corruption and violence that plague the law enforcement and justice system.

  • The moral ambiguity and complexity of the characters and their actions.

  • The influence of culture, religion, and identity on the characters and their choices.

  • The consequences of greed, ambition, and betrayal on the characters and their relationships.

  • The hope and resilience of the people who live in poverty and oppression.

Plot summary

The rise of Lucky Kunene

The movie begins in 1994, when Lucky Kunene is a teenager living in Soweto, a poor township near Johannesburg. He and his friend Zakes are involved in petty crimes, such as stealing cars and selling them to Nazareth, a former freedom fighter who now runs a chop shop. Lucky wants to save enough money to go to college and study law, but he faces many obstacles, such as his alcoholic father, his sick mother, and his lack of opportunities. He also has a crush on a girl named Nomsa, who is dating a rich boy named Thabo.

One day, Lucky gets a scholarship to study at the University of Cape Town. He is excited to leave Soweto and pursue his dreams, but he soon realizes that he does not fit in with the other students, who are mostly white and wealthy. He also faces racism and discrimination from some of the professors and staff. He becomes friends with Leah Friedlander, a white journalist who is interested in his story. She introduces him to her brother David, who is a drug addict and owes money to Tony Ngu, a Nigerian drug lord who operates in Hillbrow, a notorious neighborhood in Johannesburg.

Lucky decides to help David by stealing Tony's drugs and selling them to Nazareth. He recruits Zakes, who has also moved to Cape Town, and they pull off the heist successfully. However, they also attract the attention of Tony and his men, who track them down and try to kill them. Lucky and Zakes manage to escape with the help of Leah, who drives them to Johannesburg. There, they decide to stay with Nazareth, who offers them a new opportunity: hijacking buildings in Hillbrow.

The fall of Lucky Kunene

Lucky and Zakes join Nazareth's crew of hijackers, who take over abandoned or poorly managed buildings in Hillbrow and rent them out to low-income tenants. They use fake documents, bribes, intimidation, and violence to evict the previous owners or managers and claim ownership of the buildings. They also provide security, water, electricity, and sanitation for their tenants, who pay them a small fee. Lucky becomes the leader of the crew, using his intelligence and charisma to negotiate with the authorities, the landlords, the gangs, and the media. He also reconnects with Nomsa, who has moved to Hillbrow as well. He dumps Leah for Nomsa, breaking her heart.

Lucky's empire grows rapidly, as he acquires more buildings and more tenants. He also expands his business into other areas, such as money laundering, drug trafficking, and arms dealing. He becomes rich and powerful, and earns the respect and admiration of his tenants, who see him as a hero and a protector. He also attracts the attention of the media, who dub him "The Hoodlum of Hillbrow". He enjoys his fame and fortune, but he also makes many enemies, such as Tony Ngu, who wants revenge for the drug heist; Joshua Weber, a corrupt cop who works for Tony and tries to extort Lucky and his tenants; and the original owners and managers of the buildings, who want to reclaim their properties.

Lucky's downfall begins when he makes a deal with a Chinese businessman named Mr. Liu, who offers him a large sum of money to launder through his buildings. Lucky agrees, but he does not know that Mr. Liu is actually an undercover agent working for the Scorpions, an elite anti-corruption unit. Mr. Liu secretly records Lucky's transactions and gathers evidence against him. He also tips off Tony and Joshua about Lucky's whereabouts, hoping to create a conflict that will expose Lucky's crimes.

Meanwhile, Lucky's personal life also falls apart. He cheats on Nomsa with another woman, who turns out to be Tony's girlfriend. Tony finds out and kidnaps Nomsa, torturing her and forcing her to reveal Lucky's secrets. He also kills Zakes, who tries to rescue Nomsa. Lucky is devastated by the loss of his friend and lover, and realizes that he has gone too far. He decides to quit the crime business and start a new life with Leah, who still loves him despite his betrayal.

The final showdown

Lucky arranges a meeting with Mr. Liu to finalize their deal and collect his money. However, he is ambushed by Tony and Joshua, who have followed Mr. Liu. A shootout ensues, in which Mr. Liu is killed and Lucky is wounded. Lucky manages to escape with the money, but he is chased by Tony and Joshua through the streets of Hillbrow. He reaches one of his buildings, where he is greeted by his tenants, who cheer for him and block the entrance from his pursuers.

Lucky climbs to the roof of the building, where he sees a helicopter waiting for him. It is Leah, who has arranged for his escape. She tells him to jump on board, but he hesitates. He looks at the money in his hands, then at the people below him. He realizes that he cannot leave them behind, as they are his family and his responsibility. He throws the money into the air, creating a rain of cash that falls on his tenants. They rejoice and scramble for the money, while Tony and Joshua watch in disbelief.

Lucky smiles and waves at Leah, thanking her for her help. He tells her that he loves her, but he cannot go with her. He says that this is his home, his paradise, his Jerusalema. He then turns around and faces Tony and Joshua, who have reached the roof. He draws his gun and shoots at them, starting a final confrontation.

The movie ends with a freeze-frame of Lucky firing his gun, leaving his fate ambiguous.

Movie review

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the movie?

Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema is a well-made and well-acted movie that offers a realistic and compelling portrayal of the South African crime scene. The movie has many strengths, such as:

The cinematography and editing, which create a fast-paced an


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