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The 2 year plan of action and progression for MEYE MEDIA LTD.

a west midlands, UK company with an expansive goal, we aim to build strategic partnerships with artists , companies and organisation, to better our reach and establish our long-term brand goals.

we focus on media content creation.

automated network building, the growth of our NiS discord music network.

we also aim to asist businesses to adapt to IoT ( internet of things ) web3 solitions in the near future.

this is a light introduction to our introduction and 2 year goal


Professional History

Skills & Expertise


January 2022 - currently

artist, designer and creator with a broken neck that has an interest in network and business building.

aims to construct usable networks for professional musicians and businesses.

whit an intrest in documentary bulding and film making.

helping musicians to build their foundations and progress in their goals.

aim to build NFT collections to fund community projects nationwide

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NiS music discord

established January 2022

interactive network within the discord platform, to be used by musicians, producers & artists, to build their network reach and build collaborations and oppertunities.
heavily regulated and filtered keeping it a clean and safe enviroment for participants.
the 2 year goal of 5000 active members.
hosting tutorials and live shows.
with goals of monotisation from sponsorship & paid promo.

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Meye Media LTD

Established and trading since - January 2022

Meye media ltd serves as a starfish organosation, with many aims and goals. we aim to become an autonomous organisation, to achieve this we will rely on automated bots ( robots ) to control the flow of information within our platforms. information , bookings of projects.
meye media will be mostly focused on colaborations and working projests with other media content creators.
from music visual creation , directing and editing , to advertisenents , short film and documentary projects.
we aim to colaborate with many , we also aim to employ up to 3 skilled individuals to join our team within a 2 - 3 year space

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Soundcast UK

opperating since - June 2023

NIS Music Network has now rebranded to SOUNDCAST UK, the goats for target audience has been expanded. soundcast is a network and streaming platform hosted in a discord server.

a community for creatives of all backgrounds to showcase theit creations,  where an open panel of creatives can participate.

shows will be held on wednesdays and sundays. and will be uploaded to various streaming platforms.

the concept is to create a unique interactive neice community of creatives that want to expand their audience and chances to colaborate with others.

we are currently in a 6 month trial period

where we monitor the growth & reach of the platform, along with the usefulness to others. we want to be an open community, where differences are respected and open minded discussion takes place.

we want to welcome small independant businesses to showcase their products and services, along with promoting local support groups, community projects and charities.

individual business goals

Full Details



  • jasmy discord community, to hold 500 members within a 6 month time period.

  • next aim is to hold 3000 members within a 2 year time space.

  • hold a minimum of 4 server boosters within a 1 - 2 year time space.

  • within 1 - 2 years complete server discovery and partner programme in order for paid promotions and a discord partner programme.

  • jasmy youtube live stream 24/7 builds up followers for social media platforms, but is not a key business focus as will have a seasonal impact on preformance based on market activity.


NIS discord music network

  • to gain 5000 active users within a 2 year time space.

  • build strategic partnerships with studios and music professionals nationwide.

  • construct discord platform with automated bots, and info feeds

  • interconnect with other music networks, to also bring more trafic to their networks, this will have to be done with thought as we have already experienced sabotage , and put solutions in place as preventative measures

  • host weekly discord streams and shows for artists, and musicians

  • creating a bridge service that puts people in contact with what they need to progress within their interests

  • work with artists to create NFT collections, in colaboration with platform users, collections and rare ne off designs.



  • establish and register bisiness with companies house.

  • establish a functional website.

  • construct various social business platforms, to further build from.

  • connect and build collaboration projects with various artists, and media creatives.

  • complete series 1 of the power of influence documentary series.

  • work with set musicians , constructing visuals for their music, to be put onto the meye media platform.

  • at the end of the 2 year goal, i want to put forward work for various film festivals and competitions.

  • create project funding NFT projects with various uk & worldwide artists.

  • upgrade equipment, for bigger projects.

  • aquire a business property to be used as a functional office headquaters and studio

  • to establish a PO BOX for business purposes

0% complete

IoT (internet of things) WEB3 consultation

  • build an automated IoT WEB3 solutions and consultation site.

  • hire a small team of professional specialists.

  • provide automated business solutions to businessed that want to adopt a future business model

  • work towards being able to provide staff training for established clients



  • create NFT collections that will fund community projects.

  • creation of nft and smart contracts to secure business agreements.

  • NFT COLLECTIONS BUILDING, for various areas of business, from jasmy , music, film and media, to exclusive rafe NFT piecesthat can be traded on.

  • partner with a variety of charities from anti drug , anti gun and knife crime , and homelessness and poverty charities, to create community lead solutions that actually make a differance .


team building

  • the business model is a 20% automated process, a 30% workrate effort from myself and a 50% community based business.

  • within each field we allow others to participate and take the lead , this allows us to see if they have qualities that will serve as an asset to the business model,

  • we aim to mave many voluntary but restricted roles , that enable others to gain experience and trust , this can lead to employment, if the individual is alligned with our longterm goals

  • our main motto is "let me help you, to help me, to help you to help me to help you".  if we can not help you to help you then you cant help you. we understand people need a steppingstone or an oppertunity to become better at what they want to be, we want to be the steppingstone to the right individuals.

  • we give anyone a chance , but dont give us a reason not to give you a chance, so be professoinal and have self respect.



  • create logo / brand ( completed )

  • create socials ( completed )
  • create roadmap plan ( completed )
  • test stream
  • create communication templates
  • fully opperational
  • successfull growth rate & platform growth

go live june 2023


scan here to send me jasmy coin

click below to send or donate me other cryptocurrency

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